Day 1

This journal chronicles my efforts to understand and develop ability in music and problem solving.  The goal is to achieve a nuanced appreciation for abstract principles, as well as a detailed set of habits for use in real world applications.


Today I considered the following…

  • I skimmed the exercises from Chapter 4, “Tonality and Modality” of Harmony (by Walter Piston) and watched several YouTube videos to try to flesh out my understanding of tonality.
  • I started in on a set of lecture notes focusing on the mathematical basis of music. I spent a long time thinking about overtones and the harmonic sequence.  I still do not fully understand it, but it exposed me to many new, fundamental, ideas.
  • Revisited “Relative Ear Training” level 1, practice 1.


Tomorrow I should…

  • Finish studying and performing the exercises for Chapter 5 of Harmony.
  • Try to wrap my mind around the basic properties of waves, as we know them, and finish answering the question: “How is mathematics used to predict the overtone series for a vibrating object?”
  • Continue in “Relative Ear Training” level 1, practice 2.

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