Hi, I am Philip Grabenhorst.   I am a musician and computer programmer who believes that skill and ability in any given field are the product of a simple formula: time, effort, and interest.   Furthermore, once that valuable thing has been acquired, the holder is obligated to use it to benefit those around them.  This blog chronicles what I am learning now.  It is my hope that some small gem I uncover will be useful to another human being in their search. Moreover, I hope that my own enthusiasm for learning will rub off on someone who feels like they have been needing it, as a gentle reminder that we should all, always, be learning.


The title says it all.  I have been playing the violin since the age of 12 and programming since the age of 15.  An instructor once told me, "at the end of the day, every musician is self taught."  That has been my attitude toward learning, since.   This is not to devalue learning institutions, but to say that if a student has access to information and really wants to learn, they will learn and grow.   Likewise, the lackadaisical student with the same opportunity will not learn — regardless of their background, predisposition, or "giftedness."  This website chronicles in continued education.


When asked how often one should practice, Suzuki famously quipped: "only on those days that you eat."  I will be studying and working through a little bit of this curriculum, every day.  I will apply the following tools:

  • Compiling textbooks, video lectures, and exercises
  • SQ3R
  • Memrise Decks & Mnemonics for facts
  • Focused study "sprints"
  • Making opportunites to explain key concepts to family and friends

As I discover concepts that deserve a deeper dive, I will create separate articles dedicated to those topics.